Small Groups

Westside believes that a small group provides the optimal environment for the life change Jesus Christ intends for every believer. Significant relationships (including one-to-one) occur best in the context of a small group. A small group of believers who love one another with God's love will experience the life Christ promised at the deepest level possible. This love radically transforms them and demonstrates His power.

Evangelism is also best done in small groups. Mobilizing a whole army of lay ministers, outlet for evangelism is expanded and is done on friendship base. Christian life is lived out in the small group. The gospel becomes WYSIWYG, which eliminates the fear of going to some mysterious church meetings for the non-believers.

In a small group, one can expect genuine and authentic christian life. A variety of small groups are designed to meet the individual needs of believers, as well as the diverse needs of the body as a whole. In small groups, if one can open up oneself, one can experience:

  • Loving one another: caring for each other, community building and sharing 
  • Loving God: Bible study, prayer, worship and growth in Christ likeness 
  • Loving others: evangelism, mission, service to the church and making contribution in any group 

A group that by design does not contribute the above goals of spiritual maturity may well be a collection of Christians, but is not a successful small group.

Teens Ministry

XP3 and GZone are our middle school and high school ministry for grade 7 to 8 and grade 9 to 12 students respectively. It is the mission of XP3 and GZone to reach out to youth when they are about to explore the world and seek independence from parental guidance. We believe that it is important for these young people to have God's way as their guiding principle. It is also an extremely exciting and wonderful thing to accept Christ as their personal Saviour at this age. They can tread through adolescence with the companionship of Jesus Christ.

Both XP3 and GZone meet every week on Sunday between 10:00-11:15am.

Other Ministries