Sunday, 9 November 2014

Summary of November 2014 Deacon Board Meeting

  • The church will set up a paper recycle box in Room A, and would like to ask brothers and sisters to bring home some papers for recycling so that we can help reduce the cost for recycling. 
  • The cost for ordering altar flowers has been increased drastically recently. Therefore, the board has decided to eliminate altar flowers in 2015, and encourages brothers and sisters to offer snacks instead. 
  • Tickets for the December 14 Christmas Charity Dinner will be available on November 16. The prices are $13 per adult, $7 per child age 4-10, free for child of age 3 or below. 
  • All funds raised from the Christmas Charity Dinner and Clothing Drive will be equally donated to Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and Union Gospel Mission (Canada). 

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