Sunday, 8 March 2015

Summary of March 2015 Deacon Board Meeting

  • Issues about Baptism and Transfer of Membership: 
    • The prerequisite for baptism and transfer of membership is to complete WBC101. Usually it is valid for one year, and may need to retake if it was taken a long time ago. 
    • The church only accept believer’s baptism (immersion or sprinkling), but not infant baptism even with confirmation. 
    • Re-baptism at Westside is allowed only if the candidate is not sure about his or her first baptism but not because it is of a different mode. 
    • Pastoral recommendation and retake WBC101 may be required if an inactive member need to be re-activated. 
  • Newcomers’ luncheon for CM will be held right after CM worship service on April 5. 
  • Easter celebrations are listed as follow: 
    • April 2 8:00pm Maundy Thursday communion service. 
    • April 3 1:30pm – 3pm Good Friday Meditation service for CM 3:00pm – 4:30pm; Good Friday Meditation service for EM 
    • April 5 11am Easter Sunday Joint worship service 
  • Please seek the pastoral staff’s advice and endorsement before promoting any small group’s materials, books and events at the small group. 
  • The underground parking lot will be opened on Friday nights whenever there is gathering. 
  • The church will undergo spring cleaning soon, and will invite small groups to help out with the cleaning. 
  • The church 23rd Anniversary joint worship and baptismal service will be held on May 3 at 11am. There will be a BBQ luncheon after the worship service. Tickets: Adult $10, Children ages 4-10 $5, ages 3 and under is free. 
  • Pastor Gladys and Anders will take their annual leave from May 6 to 22.

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