Saturday, 27 January 2018

Announcements - 2018-01-28

  • James Lai and Joyce Yu have been elected as 2018-2020 deacons. There were 121 members voted on January 21. The results are as follow: 

James Lai
Joyce Yu

  • 2017 Annual Report has been uploaded to the church website. Members are encouraged to read it before the Annual General Meeting. 
  • Annual General Meeting will be held today at 1:00pm. Agenda is as follow: 
    1. Pastoral’s report 
    2. Deacon’s report 
    3. Present and accept 2017 financial report. 
    4. Present and approve 2018 budget. 
    5.  Approve 2018 nomination committee. • Deacon representatives: Justin Chen, Lily Liu, Tsz Lam Mak • Congregation representatives: Freeman Chau, Carlos Liu, Joanna Lai 
    6. Celebrate “mortgage-free” ceremony. 
    7. Any Other Business. 
  • A meditation retreat will be held on February 11, 2018 at Room G. The material written will be in English. But the verbal instruction will be in Cantonese. The topic is “Healing Life’s Wounds – 1) God Sees My Hurts”. The details and sign-up sheet have been posted on the bulletin board. 
  • Please notify the church office if your contact information has been changed. If your legal name has been changed please notify the treasurer before February 4 for her to prepare the donation receipts. 
  • A dating workshop will be held on Feb 11 from 1:30-3:30pm in the main hall. There will be special panelists sharing their love stories with us. There will also be a luncheon provided after the worship service. Please register with your small group leader.

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